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Church of Santi Cornelio e Cipriano

It represents the most impressive church in the Artogne area. The noble façade, with a base of red sandstone from Gorzone, the portal in gray stone from Sarnico, the entablatures that divide the façade into two orders, surmounted by a frescoed lunette, is made solar and amazing by the elegant stairway leading to the churchyard. which ends with two square pyramids. Above the elegant portal the inscription in Latin with the dating and dedication to Saints Cornelius and Cyprian, both martyrs who are remembered on September 16, the date of the deposition of the first and passion of the second: Pietas populi erexit anno 1751 .. Cornelio et Cipriano martiribus
The eight more recent statues are contained in as many niches in the four lateral compartments of the two orders of the facade, and are well integrated with the eighteenth-century context.
The interior is lively: the concave corners that connect the spans with the counter-façade, the recesses of the four side chapels that interrupt the internal cornice, the pilasters projected from the white stucco frames and the Corinthian capitals, the alternation of ribbed vaults and barrel vaults, the mixtilinear framing of the frescoes and canvases and the architectural interplay that fades into the presbytery.
The rich decorative apparatus is given by frescoes on the vaults and walls, stucco decorations, statues of the saints and paintings placed in the altarpieces and in the presbytery area.
The high altar in gilded wood is also of considerable value


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