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Church of S.Maria ad Elisabeth

“La Madonnina” of the Artognesi, clearly visible thanks to the slender bell tower along the ancient Via Valeriana. It has a facade of the late fifteenth century, with the typical nakedness of rustic churches with a single room, whose vaguely Gothic elements do not create dissonance with those of the Renaissance, but, thanks also to the choice of construction materials, make it elegant. Equipped with a portal in red sandstone with architrave and lunettes with a decorative relief in relief bearing the date MDXXXII, surmounted by an elegant circular rose window.
The bell tower, probably commissioned by the Federici family around the end of the 16th century, of considerable height, with a square base, is positioned between the nave and the presbytery. The belfry has a mullioned window on each side with a pointed external arch and two round arches divided by a small column.
The visit of the interior begins with the stoup in white Vezza d’Oglio marble, also bearing the Federici coat of arms, engraved on the circular basin with pods.
The single nave with cross vaults is from the 17th century and has replaced the original one. The theme of the frescoes on the side walls is the Marian one and depicts the Madonna enthroned with Child, the crucifixion, the Madonna enthroned with Child and St. Apollonia, the Madonna enthroned with the child on her knees and adoring angels, St. Anthony the Abbot and still Madonna enthroned with Child on her lap.On the left side of the triumphal arch that divides the nave from the presbytery there is a painted Madonna with Child between Saints Sebastian and Rocco, on the right side a Ascent to Calvary with Saints Ignatius of Loyola and Andrea.
Mariano is also the entire pictorial cycle of the presbytery and in the center of the vault stands the figure of the Eternal Father who chases the rebellious Angels led by Lucifer from heaven. In the lunettes the anonymous author wanted to depict the creation of Adam and Eve, original sin and the expulsion from the earthly Paradise.
The church is also embellished with four canvases (a fifth by Pitocchetto is visible in the parish church), again with a Marian theme, attributable to the schools of Moretto da Brescia and Palma il Giovane.


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