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Virtual visit to the five churches in Artogne

A look that, as if from an angel’s flight, transports us from the overall view of the nave to the details of the friezes, statues, altars and paintings inside the churches of Artogne, Piazze and Acquebuone.
It is an itinerary that allows us to “virtually” visit the interior of the sacred buildings and to see them through unusual perspectives.

The churches that can be visited virtually:

1. Church of Santi Cornelio e Cipriano (1751) Parish church of Artogne
2. Church of Santa Maria ed Elisabetta in Artogne, known as “della Madonnina” (1532)
3. Country church of S. Andrea, Artogne (fifteenth-century style);
4. Church of S. Rocco, located in the hamlet of Acquebuone (1588);
5. Church of S. Maria della neve, Parish church of Piazze (16th century church completed in 1760).

The videos and information material will be accessible through the reading of QR codes present outside the churches and in some places within the reach of the interested public.
• This system allows you to automatically access the connected multimedia material (video with musical soundtrack and short commentary) by framing the QR code, carried out with the smart phone equipped with a special application.
• Artogne’s project aims to make its cultural heritage known to a wider public, in this case a path of sacred places where art, history and religion are the dominant theme.
• Its realization is linked to a larger project that involves other municipalities of Valle Camonica and Sebino whose common thread is “The valley of signs … multimedia”


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