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Montisola Tour

Montisola Tour

Discovering the largest lake island in Europe with its enchanting views and its ancient fishing villages.

Starting from Pisogne, we will cross the suggestive Toline-Vello cycle path until we’ll reach Sale Marasino. From here, the ferry will take us to the island where, riding our bikes, we will discover the beauties that Montisola offers.

For the more adventurous, moreover, there’s the possibility, through a cobbled road, to reach the Sanctuary of the “Madonna della Ceriola”, which dominates from the top of the mountain, offering you a breathtaking view.

After completing the tour of the island, our tour will end with the return to Pisogne.


Lenght: 40 Km
Difference in altitude: 350 D+
Difficulty: Easy, suitable for everyone
– € 80,00 per person: pedal full assisted bike, helmet, mtb guide with technical assistance included
– The tour will start upon reaching 2 participants
Montisola Tour - The pearl of Iseo Lake
Pisogne - Sale Marasino (ferry) - Tour of the island - Pisogne
  • Pisogne
  • Daily experience in mountain bike
  • From 8.30 am

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  • Deer Lake
  • Trekking
  • $230
  • Labrador

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